Our Story

I’m a busy person.  There just never seem to be enough hours in the day.  I bet you feel the same way. I like to shop and I need to buy everyday items that are necessities in life.  I usually end up paying full price on things just because of the time it takes to find deals and also, quite frankly, I never enjoyed the coupon process.

That changed one day when I found myself out of a job and with lots of time suddenly on my hands. To break up my day, I would go to the store to buy everyday things like toothpaste, paper towels, trash bags, etc. With each and every passing trip, I started to notice the often very long receipts I would get from these shopping trips and one day I thought to myself, “What could possibly be on these long pieces of paper? I only bought a couple of things.

So I took a closer look, and guess what… most of the receipts contained for-future-purchase coupons. I had no idea! That led me to start paying more attention to the receipts and do some research on coupons in general. I learned many things, but one of my biggest “a-ha” moments was when I learned how much money consumers throw away each year by not using them on basic items they’re already buying.  With my curiosity sparked, I next looked at the current options and services out there that could help me use coupons. 


It was at this point that I realized a few things:

1.      The process is time-consuming and cumbersome, unless you’re someone who really enjoys couponing.

2.      Most of us are throwing away a lot of potential savings by not using coupons.

3.      It’s a lot of work to keep track of the potential savings you’re offered for products you actually want and use, and how much you’ve saved over time using coupons unless you’re really diligent in doing all the work involved to figure this out.

4.      Pre-shopping and the existing solutions I found just weren’t for me personally.


In my opinion, there had to be a better, easier way. A more fun way where I don’t have to do all the work involved. A way that isn’t visually cluttered with literally 100s or 1000s of offers – this is my worst nightmare. A way that is simple to use and allows me to effortlessly save money on the products I’m buying anyway—and paying full price for. 

Basically I want an intelligent, personal savings assistant by my side at all times doing the offer-finding and organizing, so I could do the fun part: shop and save.

And that led me to create Swoup.

The Team

Phil Parrotta

CEO and Founder

Nick Kairinos

Interim CTO & Artificial Inteligence Architect

Aletia Trakakis

Artificial Intelligence Specialist & Project Manager

Margie Maimonis

Operations Director

Eric Georgiades

Senior Developer, Team Lead

Kyriacos Demetriou

Lead Developer

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How Swoup Works

Let’s face it… the coupon process can be time-consuming and, in general, just not fun. There’s the pre-shopping, the clipping, organizing, keeping track of expiration dates, trying not to forget the coupons at home, not to mention trying to figure out how to use them at checkout.
Honestly, we’d bet you’d rather be doing anything else.
Swoup is about to change all that. We do the work for you. We curate, organize, track and manage coupons on everyday products you already use and want, and then alert you when they’re about to expire so you don’t leave money on the table (unless of course, you want to). We also instantly apply the coupons at checkout, so no more scanning of coupon barcodes.
You buy the products you’re already buying… we just help you pay less for them.
And you get time back in your day to focus on things that matter most.
Round down. Live up.TM
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Swoup is a member of Walgreens’ Affiliate Program and receives compensation from the merchant on redeemed coupons.