Round down. Live up.™

We help you spend less on the products you buy and then put that saved money to work: offset cost of college/trade school, pay down student loans, donate to charity or simply save it.

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Easy to use and easy on the eyes

Say goodbye to shopping anxiety and hello to more time in your day to do what you love. Clean and uncluttered, items are served up all in one place.

We do the work, all you do is swipe

Swoup learns your preferences as you place offers in your Wallet. Then we organize them, keep track of them, and alert you when they will expire so you never leave money on the table, unless of course you want to.

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We make your money work
as hard as you do

You choose what you want to do with the money we help you save:

  • Pay down student loans
  • Offset the future costs of college or trade school
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Save for a vacation, retirement or anything else
  • Keep and spend it
  • All of the above

We'll distribute it for you every week you save!

Download Swoup Today!

We do the work. You just swipe and shop.
Round down. Live up

How it works


Link participating retailer loyalty cards and your bank account.

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Saving money is now as easy as a swipe. Swipe left to discard, swipe up to send to a friend or swipe right to keep and use an offer. Once in your Swoup Wallet, we organize your saved offers by retailer, product category and expiration.

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Shop & Checkout

Offers you find on Swoup can be used when you go shopping at participating retailers either in-store or online, whichever you prefer. Simply give your retailer loyalty card or phone number at checkout and your discounts are automatically applied.

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Coupon savings get distributed

Swoup helps put your savings to work with minimal effort and no impact on your budget. It’s your savings… well spent!

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